Vehicle Specific

Custom Fit Car Stereos

The innovative custom fit range from Xtrons is designed to get the best out of your vehicle. With many fantastic features to call upon, the ingeniously designed and stylishly contemporary custom fit units are made to meet even the highest of requirements. Here, we will explore more about the fine range of Xtrons custom fit items.


A range of units for your car

With many different custom fit units to choose from, you're guaranteed to find the perfect one for you. Adaptable and impressionable, Xtrons custom fit units are built to occupy the vast majority of car makes and models. Don't settle for less, Xtrons are dedicated to bringing you the best, most cost efficient car accessories on the market, which is why we have quickly become a market leader in this field.

Providing the ideal journey for you and your car's occupants

A journey needn't be so tedious, with a whole host of features manufactured to get the best out of your drive Xtrons custom fit units are there to make your life easier. With in car Bluetooth to keep you connected, as well as a DVD player and USB port, you can enjoy full control over the ambiance of your vehicle.

Keep the family quiet on long drives and keep yourself on the desired road, with Xtrons custom fit navigation system, you'll never have to ask for directions again. Xtrons are dedicated to bringing you the latest in car accessories. We are always looking to source new custom fit accessories as well to keep up to date with developments in technology and bring them to you first

Simplicity, reliability, desirability

Founded on three fundamental ideals, Xtrons strive to deliver the best by simplicity, reliability and desirability. Simple so ideas can be translated, and gadgets easy to understand; reliable so you can trust in a dedicated manufacturer, one that consistently offers the best for less; and desirable so you're never settling for anything other than supremacy.

It is vitally important to promote the idea of innovation. By constantly evolving and adapting to suit the needs of the consumers market, Xtrons brings excellence, pride in performance powered by perfection.

Life's about the journey, not the destination. Xtrons ensures this fitting mantra by making you comfortable and relaxed. Never lose your way, or your temper with an Xtrons custom fit unit. Bursting with the latest in technological advancements, you're all but guaranteed to drive the way you want to. Low in price and excellent in performance, Xtrons are fast becoming a titan of industry.

Manufactured by a dedicated team and quality of product that is currently unrivalled elsewhere, Xtrons are here to show they are capable of delivering the latest in car entertainment. Bringing the best out of technology, bringing the best out of your car, bringing the best out of you, Xtrons is the first and only port of call when it comes to all of your car accessories.