Tesla | Model 3/Y | Digital Instrument Panel | CarPlay & Android Auto | QIT91MTY

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Tesla | Model 3/Y | Digital Instrument Panel | CarPlay & Android Auto | QIT91MTY


8.9" Digital Instrument Panel for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y Supports Wireless CarPlay and Full-featured Android Auto

Tesla | Model 3/Y | 8.9" IPS Screen | 1920x720 Pixels | Fully-laminated Screen| Supports Original Vehicle Protocol

Stabilise the View Ahead

Stylish Display

This instrument display blends in harmony with the dashboard. It makes your driving a fascinating experience by providing the driver with all the essential information, along with distraction-free control elements. 

Perfect Size and Spectacular Display Quality

Fully-laminated Screen

XTRONS brings the appropriate display concept to the vehicle environment, ensuring a high level of safety and optimal convenience for the driver. The fully laminated technology is the key to reliable operation and perfect readability in every situation. 

Supports Original Vehicle Protocol

The technology seamlessly interacts with your car, enabling synchronisation of the infotainment system and instrument cluster, alongside the speed, engine RPM and other data, in a flexible and clear manner. 

Automatic Day/Night Mode

The dash display mode is synchronised with the central touchscreen to switch between day and night mode. The flexible UI setting provides great convenience to select your preferred colour, white or black. 

Connect Your Smartphone Seamlessly

Wireless CarPlay and Full-featured Android Auto

This dash display supports CarPlay and Android Auto connection - a smarter, safer way to use your phone while you drive. With the help of Siri or Google Assistant, you can control everything through voice commands.  

Built-in Bluetooth Chip and Internal Speaker

The built-in speaker streams all your phone's audio seamlessly, including CarPlay, Android Auto and Bluetooth sound. This unit can also work in synergy with your factory centre display over Bluetooth, to play sound simultaneously from the sound system in your vehicle. 

Stable Performance

The independent Linux operating system makes sure this dash display runs smoothly and always has a fast response. 


  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • Android Auto/AppleCarPlay
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Fully-Laminated Screen
  • Independent Linux OS
  • Day/Night Mode
  • Seamless Design
  • Supports Vehicle Protocol

Steering Wheel Control

This dashboard display can be operated with the steering wheel controls, letting you easily switch songs, channels and adjust volume, providing you with a safer and more enjoyable journey. 

Hassle-free Installation

There is no need to drill and it will not damage the interior of your vehicle. Step-by-Step Installation Instructions provided. 


Head Unit: 100x80mm


Face Panel: 229x101mm


1 x Power Cable for AMD APU

1 x Power Cable for Intel Atom APU

1 x Fix Steal Sheet

4 x Screw

1 x Type-C to USB Adapter

1 x Installation Kit

1 x Plug (to connect AMD GND Cable)

1 x User Manual (Installation Instructions Included)



DESIGNED FOR Tesla Vehicles

Applicable Models & Years

For Tesla Model 3 (2017-Now) with Intel Atom or AMD Ryzen APUs

For Tesla Model Y (2019-Now) with Intel Atom or AMD Ryzen APUs


In-Car Entertainment

XTRONS has been working continuously to bring the latest technology and infotainment solutions to your driving. Our passionate and experienced R&D team equip our products with exclusive design, high quality components and the best coding communication between our products and your vehicle. 







The Xtrons Commitment

XTRONS is committed to providing high quality products and outstanding customer service, by ensuring that we meet and exceed industry regulations and standards, from manufacturing to distribution.


  • High and Low-Temperature Test between -20° and +80°
  • Electrostatic Test
  • 8-hours Accelerated Aging Test
  • Verified In Car Test
  • Impact Test
  • 1.2 Metre Drop Test


High Definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience.

Apple Play

Connect your iPhone to your car stereo via the USB port and make the most of your phone’s fabulous features, videos and music!


Hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free.

Touch Screen

Multi-touch screen, provides a remarkably fluid and intuitive operation.


A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.

Android Auto

Connect your Android smartphone to your car stereo display effortlessly. Get all the great Android features on your dashboard.

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