9“ HD Digital TFT Screen Leather Facade Touch Panel Car Headrest DVD Player with HDMI Port

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WinCE enabled
Windows CE
dvd enabled
Enjoy the full DVD experience from the comfort of your own car.
hdmi enabled
sd enabled
The SD card portal allows for additional access to your personal files and information, for easy exchanges.
usb enabled
A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.

9" HD Digital TFT Screen Leather Facade Touch Panel Car Headrest DVD Player with HDMI Port

•At the First Sight:
Sleek & Stylish Appearance
Built-in HDMI Port
Removable Design for Both In-car & Home Use
Two Ways Power Supply
Easy and Safe to Install
Two available Colors: Black and Beige

•Only one headrest DVD player included

•Unit Type: Headrest DVD Player

•Resolution: 800*480

•Screen Size: 9 inch

•Beautiful Design & Beautifully Integrated
An elegant design with a larger, more vibrant HD display and exquisite faux leather inlay and touch panel, makes the HD9LX the most appealing car headrest available today.

•Exquisite & Stylish Appearance
The XTRONS HD9LX merges both elegant and stylish design elements, creating a very attractive entertainment solution, at a very inviting price point.
We have carefully designed the headrest in every small details:
Leather Inlay: Elegant and refind
Piano Black Surround with Blue Translucidus: Stylish and timeless
Touch Button: Easy to operate on the way
Blue Button Light: Increased ambiance
Slot Load DVD Drive: Professional & Convenient

•Superior Visual Enhancement
Incredibly high pixel density of 800*480 resolution on the 9" screen provides amazing, vibrant video and visual effects.

•Built-in HDMI: Integrate Your Mobile Entertainment with the HD9LX
Enjoy Your Games
With the built-in HDMI port and a simple connection between your mobile phone and the HD9LX, you can enjoy your games on a new level.
Video Sharing
With the built-in HDMI port, your movies and music on your phone can be shared with everyone you're travelling with.
HDMI adapter & HDMI connection wire are optional. XTRONS HDTV03 is compatible. Need it, inquire with us now!
Note: if you are using apple iPhone IPad iPod, please get the HDMI adapter from Apple store.

•Removable Design for Both In-Car & Home Use
This unit is easy to install and remove, it can be used both in the car and at home.
In-car Use
Two available options of connecting the unit to your car's power supply are provided with the package.
1. Plug in cigarette lighter socket (Adapter provided)
Refined switch design on the cigarette socket enables the user to turn the socket on or off, according to requirements.
Cigarette lighter cable: 2.5m length. Ample for in-car use.
2. Connect to 12V Power (Power cables provided)
XTRONS's new power cable with improved design is now even easier to install.
XTRONS Power Cable: 3 Parts
With the 3 parts, you can connect the power cable to help you supply power for HD9LX in the car easily.
First step: Insert the power adapter into the car's headrest from the top
Second Step: Connect the ISO wiring harness with one end of the power adapter
Third Step: Connect the wire on the HD9LX with the other end of the power adapter
Suitable length of the Power Adapter for easy locating from the bottom of the headrest
Other Power Cable: 2 Parts
Insert the ISO wiring harness from the bottom of the headrest and guide it under the seat and find a suitable powrer supply to connect to. For hard wire installation, if in doubt, please seek help qualified installer.
At Home Use
With an optional AC power adapter (AC02), you can enjoy your entertainment at home.
AC power adapter is not included (XTRONS AC02 is compatible). Need it? Please inquire with us today.

•Easy and Safe to Install
No need to worry about the damage of your car's interior, air bags and security system, HD9LX is the most ideal headrest DVD player choice for you. With supplied mounting bracket, drivepipe, less than 5 minutes DIY will ensure this headrest installed in your car perfectly.
Here is the guidance on how to install this unit in your car:
1. Choose one set suitable specification drivepipe from the provided 5 drivepipes, and install them into the holes of your car's headrest.
2. Insert the two U brackets into the drivepipes on the headrest pole.
3. Insert the U brackets into the two ends of the bracket box, adjust the left and right end of the U brackets to the optimal position, and then fix it.
4. Install the HD9LX into the mounting bracket.
5. Close the lock to prevent the headrest from falling down.
If you want to remove HD9LX from your car's headrest, just open the lock.
The following components and designs are useful for the installation.
Drivepipe: 5 different specifications of drivepipes, choose the one which is suitable for your car perfectly. (14.0mm, 12.9mm, 12.2mm, 11.2mm, 10.2mm)
XTRONS Unique Designed Bracket Box: Attach to your car's headrest tightly without any gap.
XTRONS Bracket Box: No any gaps between the car's headrest and HD9LX
Other Ordinary Bracket Box: There is about 10mm gap between the car's headrest and the stereo

•Multiple Choices for Endless Entertainment
Supports 32-Bit Games
Enjoy your favorite 32-bit game on the road and keep the whole family entertained.
Note: Not all game discs are compatible with this unit.
Region Free DVD Player
The DVD player is compatible with most DVD and CDs that are available on the market.
Compatible formats: DVD, SVCD, VCD, DVD-5, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-9, DVD±R, DVD±RW.
Expand Your Media Choices
With USB stick, SD card, AUX IN & AV out function on this unit, you can enjoy wonderful entertainment even on the road.
Supports 2 Modes to Play
The two headrests can play both the same movies or different movies separately at the same time.
A Variety of Sound Out Choices
With built-in IR transmitter, FM transmitter and speakers, the possible choices of entertainment are unlimited.
Choice 1 : Built-in IR Transmitter
The IR transmitter allows you to enjoy the audio files with wireless headphones. Supports dual channel (A & B) wireless infrared headphones.
A: 2.3 - 2.8MHz B: 3.2 - 3.8MHz
Choice 2: Built-in Speakers
Play audio directly from the unit.
Choice 3: Built-in Wired Erphone Port
Insert the earphone into the earphone's port, enjoy the wonderful audio entertainment on the way.
Choice 4: Built-in FM Transmitter
The FM transmitter can send the audio signal from the headrest to the other radio receiver(car stereo), then you can share the audio with other people.
9 Available Frequencies
87.7 88.5 88.1 88.9 106.7 107.1 107.5 107.9 Off

Head Unit: 245*218*55mm

•Accessories Included:
1 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x ISO Adapter Cable
1 x Remote Control
1 x User Manual
5 x Plastic Drivepipes
1 x Game Disc
1 x Cigarette Lighter Adapter
1 x Game Pad
2 x U Brackets
1 x Bracket Box