2 x 9" HD TFT 1080P Video Car Headrest DVD Player with HDMI Input

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WinCE enabled
Microsoft Windows CE (WinCE) provides a familiar & seamless user interface & functionality.
dvd enabled
Enjoy the full DVD experience from the comfort of your own car.
hdmi enabled
Connect & transmit your digital audio & video to display on screen.
hd enabled
High Definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience.
sd enabled
The SD card portal allows for additional access to your personal files and information, for easy exchanges.
usb enabled
A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.

2 x 9" HD TFT 1080P Video Car Headrest DVD Player with HDMI Input

•At the First Sight :
Built-in HDMI port
Stylish holistic design
Super-clear 1080P Video
Detachable zip cover
Supports 32 Bit Games

•Integrated HDMI Lets Play Your Mobile Games
Enjoy Your Games
With the built-in HDMI port and a simple connection between your mobile phone and the HD909B, you can enjoy your games on a new level.
Video Sharing
With the built-in HDMI port, your movies and music on your phone can now be shared with everyone you're travelling with.
HDMI adapter & HDMI connection wire (Optional), need them? Enquire with us.

•Stylish Holistic Appearance
Take a closer look at the holistic design which goes hand in hand with your car's interior.

Super-clear 1080P Video
Higher resolution means this headrest will produce images that are a lot sharper and finely detailed with a vibrant quality. With 1080P video compatible, all of the video in your USB & SD card will look stunning in this full HD display.
Note: This headrest is compatible with most common used 1080P video format in the market, but due to different sourcing of the video, not all 1080P video format are guaranteed.

•Multiple Choices for Sound Out!
Choice 1: Built-in IR Transmitter
The IR transmitter allows you to enjoy the audio files with wireless headphones. Supports dual channel (A&B)wireless infrared headphones.
Channel A: 2.3 - 2.8MHz    CHannel B: 3.2 - 3.8MHz
Choice 2: Built-in Dual Speakers
Choice 3: Built-in FM Transmitter
The FM transmitter can send the audio signal in the headrests to the head, then all passengers in the car can share the same audio.
7 Available Frequencies
87.5MHz  87.7MHz  87.9MHz  88.1MHz  88.3MHz  88.5MHz  88.7MHz

•Support 32 Bit Games
Supports the newest 32 Bit games, so you can enjoy exciting games on your journey to pass the strenuous road time. Free game disc with over 500 games provided, you can also sownload games through the Internet onto your memory card.
Note: Not all game discs are compatible with this unit.

•16:9 Wide Screen
The high resolution TFT LED display will bring you the most vivid and authentic images ever. The 16:9 widescreen provides excellent visual enjoyment while protecting your eyes.
Digital Screen Resolution: 800*480

•Detachable Zip Cover for Anti-theft Protection

•Region-Free DVD Player
The DVD player is compatible with most DVD's and CD's available in the market.
DVD-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, Video CD, SVCD, Picture CD,CD-R/RW.

•Multi-media Choices
Expand your media choices by plugging a SD, SDHC or any other USB devices.
Supported formats:

•Supports 2 Modes to Play (RCA Cables Provided)
Two headrests can play both the same movie and different movie at the same time, enjoy the video entertainments without disturbance.

Supports Video Input Signal
Video Systems: NTSC / PAL / AUTO

•Three colors are Available: Blck, Grey and Beige

Adjustable Headrest Poles: 105(mm) - 190(mm) (Inner Width)

•Accessories Included :
2 x AV Input & Output Cables
6 Sets Plastic Pole (16mm, 15mm, 14mm, 13mm, 12mm, 11mm)
2 x FM Connection Wires
2 x Remote Controls
2 x 10mm Steel Poles
2 x Game Discs
2 x User Manuals